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When Did Substance Use Disorder Become a Diagnosis?

Substance Use Disorder, also known as SUD, or drug addiction, was added to the DSM III in the year 1980, making it an official mental health diagnosis. Substance use disorder is a diagnosis used to describe someone who has difficulty controlling their use of alcohol or drugs. The term was first introduced in 1952 by … Read more

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Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorders

The most common risk factors for substance use disorder are heredity, early use, mental health, the type of substances used, and social and environmental factors. There are many risk factors for developing a substance use disorder. Some of these factors are within our control, such as our environment and the people we associate with. Other … Read more

4 Ways to Stop Xanax Addiction Now

4 Ways to Stop Xanax Addiction Now

Xanax addiction has become more common as anxiety in the general population rises. NYC Addiction Resources has answers to Xanax addiction.