nurse taking a patient's blood pressure during medically supervised detox for alcoholism

The Importance of Medically-Supervised Detox for Alcoholism

Understanding Alcohol Addiction Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is a chronic and often progressive disease when an individual becomes physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a complex condition that affects the brain and body, often leading to severe negative consequences in one’s personal, social, and professional life. Medically-supervised detox for alcoholism is … Read more

woman searching on her phone for an alcohol detox program

How to Choose the Right Detox Program for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction affects millions of people worldwide. Addiction treatment is a long and challenging journey but also a transformative one. One of the first steps in addiction treatment is detoxification, which involves removing alcohol from the body. Choosing the right detox program is crucial to ensure a safe and effective recovery process. This article will … Read more

Opioid Withdrawal and Dependence

What Causes Opioid Withdrawal and Dependence?

Dependence and withdrawal from opioids are due to the changes in brain chemistry habitual opiate use causes. Opiate dependence can lead to death if untreated. What Are Opioids? To best understand what causes opioid dependence and subsequent withdrawal, understanding opioids at their core is essential.  Opioids are a specific class of substance that is created … Read more

What Does Alcohol Detox do to your Body?

What Does Alcohol Detox Do To Your Body?

So, what does alcohol detox do to your body?  If you are treating alcoholism, alcohol detox is the first step towards recovery. Detoxification will help you to flush alcohol from your body. Alcohol detox usually takes 7-10 days, but each person’s detoxification process is individual. The symptoms of alcohol detox range from mild, such as nausea and headaches, to … Read more