What Does Alcohol Detox Do To Your Body?

So, what does alcohol detox do to your body? 

If you are treating alcoholism, alcohol detox is the first step towards recovery. Detoxification will help you to flush alcohol from your body. Alcohol detox usually takes 7-10 days, but each person’s detoxification process is individual. The symptoms of alcohol detox range from mild, such as nausea and headaches, to severe, like fever and seizures. Because of this wide range, it will be vital to know how to detox out of your system properly.

Dealing With Withdrawl Symptoms

Many people who are addicted to alcohol have problems with alcohol withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop drinking. Most people feel uneasy about quitting alcohol because they fear enduring these withdrawal symptoms during detox. However, it is worth it! If you want to live an amazing life that is in reach without drugs and alcohol, many treatment programs can help alleviate these symptoms. 

The first thing you need to understand about how to detox alcohol out of your system is that it is a process, not a crisis. Once you understand this fact, you will be able to determine appropriate treatment options.

What to Expect?

The most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include the following.


Restlessness is one of the common side effects of withdrawal. Unrest may become especially intense at night, and the condition may persist for weeks. However, as your body adjusts to the detoxification process, this does subside.


Another common alcohol withdrawal occurrence is anxiety. During the initial days of detoxification, your anxiety level will probably be high. It is normal to feel uneasy and irritable. 

You can learn about various coping mechanisms that’ll help you to deal with anxiety. However, if you feel you cannot cope with stress, seek the help of a detox specialist so you can stay on your detoxification journey while getting professional guidance to treat anxiety.


Whether you are a moderate drinker or a heavy drinker, alcohol detox may lead to varying levels of depression. It is common to feel depressed when you are quitting alcohol. In most cases, depression lessens within a few weeks of detoxification. If your depression persists, you should see a doctor. There are treatment options for depression while you are in detox and beyond. 

Trembling and Sweating 

When detoxing from your system, you may find yourself trembling and sweating excessively. It is not uncommon to have night sweats for the first few days. Trembling and sweating can peak in the first 72 hours and then will gradually get better. 

Nausea and Diarrhea 

Alcohol withdrawal may cause a heavy electrolyte inconsistency in the body. This can lead to nausea, diarrhea, and frequent urination. If you are someone who is a regular heavy drinker, you may suffer the most. You may need professional help if your nausea and diarrhea worsen.

Delirium Tremens

One of the more severe withdrawal symptoms usually associated with alcohol use is delirium tremens. This is a form of psychosis that involves a combination of the many symptoms of alcohol simultaneously. This usually consists of tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, and disorientation.

Finding the Right Help

Knowing the physical and emotional impact alcohol detox can have on you, you must make sure that you find help before your physical and emotional health suffer. Understanding your physical health and the psychological aspects of addiction is very important to receive the proper treatment. 

What can Help?

To avoid the pain of intense alcohol withdrawal, you may want to know how to detox alcohol from your body for less severe cases. If your drinking does not warrant in-patient care, you may be able to cleanse your body from alcohol at home.

Juices To Detox Alcohol

A lot of people prefer to use a natural method of detoxing their bodies. For instance, many people use juices to get rid of alcohol. While there are some fantastic juices out there that are made and sold specifically for alcohol detox, if you’re looking for a powerful method of how to detox alcohol from your body, then you should look into using grape juice. Grape juice contains antioxidants that can help break down the toxins in your body and force them out. Grape juice also tastes great, which is definitely a plus.

Herbal Supplements Can Help 

Another way to detox alcohol from your body is by taking an herbal supplement. Herbs have been shown to help speed up getting rid of unwanted alcohol in your body. Some worth looking into are:

  • willow bark which can help relax the mind, 
  • bitter gourd, which is known to eliminate toxins,
  • ginger as a tea for nausea,
  • And water water water! Not an herbal supplement, but as it is likely the most important aid in flushing your body of toxins, it’s going to make the list anyway!

There are many things that can help you on the road to becoming alcohol-free. But, first, you must determine the right detox program to help you get the results you want.

After cleansing your body from alcohol, you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding any alcohol. It is not easy to stop drinking. But, it is certainly worth the difficulties of detox. 

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