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Drug addiction affects thousands of New York City residents every year. This condition, also known as substance use disorder (SUD), is potentially deadly if left untreated. Fortunately, New York Tri-state area has some of the best treatment facilities for SUD in the nation. If you are currently using and are looking for help, congratulations! You have taken the first and most crucial step to recovery. Have you heard terms like “recovery,” “rehab,” and “treatment?” You may even have imagined “rehab” as an unpleasant or intimidating experience. Drug rehab centers offer comprehensive medical care in a comfortable setting. Here we will look at the following:

  • Why is a drug rehab center important?
  • What should I look for in a rehab center?
  • What should I expect before, during, and after rehab?

Why Are Drug Rehab Centers Important?

Drug addiction is a severe and progressive medical condition. The brain’s pleasure/reward centers are activated when a person uses a substance. Over time, the drug hijacks the brain by making it depend on the substance to function. When the substance is gone, the brain sends distress signals for more. This is commonly called withdrawal. People experiencing withdrawal may feel any of these symptoms:

  • Anxiousness
  • Depression
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Clouded thinking/judgment
  • Tremors

Most people who attempt to stop using without help wind up being unsuccessful. Simply put, SUD cannot be effectively managed by willpower alone. SUD is a medical condition and must be medically treated. A good drug rehab center has the medical staff and facilities to treat a variety of addictions. This begins with medication-assisted detox. In detox, the provider will use medication to manage withdrawal symptoms while the body cleanses itself. After that, patients will need continued medical treatment combined with a customized therapy plan.

What Should I Look For In A Drug Rehab Center?

There are many different types of rehab centers that treat addictions. Some centers focus on certain classes of drugs. Others may be age or gender-specific. Your most important consideration is to find a center that treats your specific issues. Ensure the center is staffed with qualified medical staff and licensed counselors. Many centers work with various insurance providers, so ask if yours is accepted. Most centers will use a comprehensive intake process to learn your medical and psychological history. If you would like to tour the facility, ask! Many facilities offer luxury accommodations, with some even having on-site chefs. 

Finally, pay attention to how you feel interacting with the staff. Quality rehab centers understand that addiction is a medical condition, not a moral failure. It would be best if you were treated with dignity and respect. Is your treatment plan being customized to your specific needs? Fortunately, NYC Addiction Resources can take care of most of your legwork. Our care team will help you select the best Tri-state area to meet your needs.

What Should I Expect?

Before Entering Rehab

Individual therapy involves one-on-one interactions with a counselor or therapist. The therapist will ask the client questions about their recent experiences. In this stage, a client should work with the therapist to create a relapse prevention plan. Implementing this plan will have difficulties, which may cause stress for the client. The client must anticipate stress and have productive outlets in place. 

During Rehab

Your first few weeks at rehab may be either residential or partial hospitalization. This way, your care team can monitor your physical symptoms and adjust medicine if necessary. You will spend most of your day in either individual or group therapy. Therapy can help you pinpoint use triggers and deal with past traumas that you may have. You may also attend 12-step groups as part of treatment. These are groups of people on the recovery journey who can share their experiences and support along the way.

After Rehab

Most rehab centers offer a gradual reintegration into your everyday life. You will most likely complete a period of outpatient care to address any issues you encounter. You may receive follow-up care and support once your program is complete. Take advantage of this, as recovery is a lifelong process. Help is available long after your initial rehab is complete.

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