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Designer Drugs


Understanding Designer Drugs

It’s a challenge to know “What are Designer Drugs?” This is because the term “Designer Drugs” is vague. These drugs are synthetic versions of illegal narcotics. However, users can often purchase them legally. The reason users can buy these legally is that the chemical structure of these drugs isn’t illegal. Drugs of this kind fall into a gray area. Due to the slow movement of the legal system, designer drug makers can stay one step ahead of the law.

What are Designer Drugs: How are They Made

The manufacture of designer drugs is a complicated process. It involves taking illegal narcotics and then making chemicals that are similar. By changing a few atoms or molecules, designer drug makers are able to create a chemical that isn’t technically illegal. The slight alteration in the drug’s chemistry makes it legal to possess and to use. But, these have an effect similar to illegal drugs.

Dangers of Designer Drugs

All drugs carry dangers. This is also true of designer drugs. Drugs of this type can actually carry more risks than ordinary narcotics. This is because of the chemical changes that have been made to the drug.

For example, researchers know how heroin affects the user’s system. However, a chemical similar to heroin isn’t going to have the same effect. There are going to be differences. This changes the way it impacts the user’s system. Some of these changes can be quite dangerous. That makes designer drugs unpredictable. This means taking them can be a game of Russian roulette. You never know when a side-effect of a designer drug is going to be lethal.

It is likewise possible for designer drugs to interact with medications much differently than known narcotics. This too can lead to deadly consequences. Or, can cause pain and sickness.

Common Designer Drugs

If you’ve ever wondered “what is flakka” or bath salts, you’re not alone. The designer drugs on the market change all the time. There are chemists around the world constantly trying to make these drugs. Users also constantly create new slang terms to identify them. Here are a few of the best-known designer drugs available:

  • Bath salts
  • Flakka
  • Spice
  • U-47700

Bath Salts

Bath salts are a stimulant. Users report effects similar to amphetamines or cocaine. Makers often label bath salts as “plant food,” “glass cleaner,” or “research chemicals.” They appear to be a white, crystal-like substance, just like actual bath salts. They can provide a sense of alertness and euphoria. Many reports state that bath salts also cause confusion, aggression, temporary psychosis, violence, and self-harm.

In addition to the psychological effects, bath salts can lead to grinding of teeth, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and seizures. Overdose is possible.

New laws also make certain types of bath salts illegal. Possession or use can lead to prosecution.


Flakka is also known as alpha-PVP. It likewise has many street names. Flakka is similar to bath salts in many ways. It too looks like small, white or pink crystals. Flakka is also a stimulant. The effects are almost identical to bath salts. As are the risks. Overdose is very common with Flakka.


Spice is a synthetic form of marijuana. It is also known as K2. Spice is a plant material that has been sprayed with a chemical compound to create psychoactive effects. It appears to be potpourri or a blend of food seasoning. Users typically smoke it or ingest it. Using Spice is highly unpredictable because the chemicals used in it are unknown. Most often it can lead to giddiness, increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, and nausea. It also bears the risk of convulsions, organ damage, and death.


This is commonly called “U4” or “pinky,” due to its pink coloration. It is a pink powder that manufacturers sometimes press into pill form. U-47700 is an opioid. This means it affects the central nervous system. It carries with it all the same risks as most standard opioids. It generally kills pain, causes a sense of happiness, and can easily lead to coma or overdose. Highly addictive, it can cause nausea, pain, and severe withdrawal symptoms.

Getting Help with Designer Drugs

If you’ve found yourself using any type of designer drugs, there is help available. Merely because these drugs aren’t always illegal doesn’t mean they can’t ruin your life. They have all the same addictive properties as narcotics. In addition, they can be doing long-term damage to your body if you continue to use them. We can help you through every step of the recovery process. We can find a detox facility where you can receive the care you need while you get these drugs out of your system. Then, we can get you into a treatment program specifically made to help you achieve success.

Don’t wait. Call us today and let us aid you in getting back to your life.