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What is Considered Long Term Use of Adderall

3 years of continual use is considered long-term for the ADHD medication Adderall. The longer it is used, the higher the risk of dependence and health issues. What is ADHD? ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is one of the nation’s most commonly-diagnosed mental health issues in children. It is often diagnosed in childhood and … Read more

How a Brain Gets Hooked on Opioids

How a Brain Gets Hooked on Opioids

What are Opioids?  Opioids are a class of drugs found from the opium plant and work on the brain to produce effects that produces relief from pain and cause euphoria. Opioids can be prescription medications or also in illegal drug forms. Prescription opioids are used to block pain in the brain which sends signals to … Read more

What is Narcan?

What is Narcan?

You may have heard of a medication called Narcan. But what is Narcan and how can it help someone addicted to opioids? NYC Addiction Resources explains.

Is Tramadol an opioid

Is Tramadol an Opioid Drug?

Does Tramadol Count As An Opioid Drug? Yes, Tramadol is an opioid. The CDC classifies it as such. Tramadol treats moderate to severe pain in adults. You may find it sold under brand names like Ultram or ConZip. It was originally developed in the 1960s. The German company Grünenthal sold it under the name “Tramal.” … Read more

How long is Ativan in your system?

How Long Does Ativan Stay in Your System?

Does Ativan Stay In Your System For A Long Time? You’re wondering how long Ativan stays in your system. You likely have other questions about Ativan as well. Its chemical name is lorazepam. And it belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. A single dose takes effect quickly and can last for an entire … Read more