How to Find The Right Substance Abuse Program

Searching for a substance abuse program can be difficult, especially with so many options to choose from.  Some programs revolve around holistic practices, while others may focus on medically-assisted treatments. Because this is a crucial decision, choosing the right substance abuse treatment to suit your individual needs is very important.

Finding The Right Substance Abuse Program

The following factors are important to consider when choosing a treatment program. When making the decision, it is important to take all of these into consideration.


Location of the treatment center is a strong determinant for many. Some people feel that successful recovery will be more likely if they are far removed from home and familiar settings. Others find comfort in staying close to home or their family. In choosing a treatment program, location preference can help you narrow down the list of potential centers.


The philosophy surrounding addiction and substance abuse treatment differs with each center. Some addiction treatment centers prioritize holistic healing practices, while others may focus  solely on evidence-based treatment. It is important to research each center in your preferential location thoroughly, and make sure that their philosophy aligns with your own. If you are interested in a substance abuse program that offers yoga or breathing exercise therapy, you can filter your options down to centers that offer them. Likewise, if you are primarily interested in programs that offer detox, this will help make the decision easier.

Specific Addiction Treatment

Some people prefer substance abuse programs that treat their addiction specifically. While many treatment centers address various addictions, some specialize in one distinct substance. When searching for the right program, make sure to look and see if they treat your specific addiction. For example, if you struggle with alcoholism and want to enter into a specific alcohol treatment program, make sure that it is what they offer.

Spiritual or Secular Based

There are many faith-based treatment centers, and many secular centers. The right program for you depends on which structure you feel most comfortable with. While some people find faith-based or religious treatment non-negotiable, others may wish to receive treatment within a secular environment. When choosing a substance abuse program, make sure you distinguish the center’s basis of treatment.

Co-occuring Disorder Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are defined as the co-existence of a substance abuse disorder alongside a mental disorder. According to data collected by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 37.9 people who struggle with substance abuse also have a mental illness. The most common mental illnesses that come with addiction are depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you believe you may be struggling with a co-occuring disorder, it is important to select a center that offers specific treatment for this condition.


Anyone who is familiar with addiction treatment knows that substance abuse programs are not always cheap. Thankfully, most centers accept insurance, allowing the total cost to be at least partially covered. If uninsured, payment plans may be an option. Cost can be a huge determining factor in the center you decide to enter, therefore, it is important to research total cost, confirm cost after insurance, and ask about payment plans if needed.

Length of Program

Lengths of substance abuse programs vary. While some programs offer 3-month services, others may only offer two weeks. Depending on the level of care you need, a longer or shorter stay may be required. While researching substance abuse treatment programs, it is important to find out the lengths of the programs offered, and assess what length would be most suitable for you and your unique situation.

Importance in Finding Right Treatment Program

Deciding to enter a substance abuse treatment program is a huge and vital step towards recovery. The program you choose may very well set the course for your sober future. Not all treatment centers are suitable for everyone. Entering a program without thorough research may actually be detrimental to your sobriety. That is why it is so important to find a program that meets all of your criteria, as it will ensure the most effective and beneficial experience. It will also increase the likelihood of staying sober significantly.

Trust the Professionals

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