Many addiction support groups have been established over the years. Despite the growing number, people often wonder if there is a secular organization for sobriety. Many support groups incorporate religion into their practices. While some people prefer this spirituality,  others do not.

There are several secular addiction support groups. These support groups do not include religion but focus more on the human elements of addiction. This allows participants to express their thoughts without the pressure of religious belief.  

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a secular addiction support group. It stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART is science-based and focuses on personal advancement. Unlike some addiction support groups, SMART does not consider addiction a disease. Instead, addiction is viewed as a destructive habit that can be corrected.

This group does not follow the 12-step model. People in SMART are organized into stages based on where they are within their recovery journey. Meetings include sharing personal struggles and various therapy sessions. All members remain anonymous.

Women for Sobriety

As the name suggests, Women for Sobriety is an addiction support group for women. Members do not refer to themselves as addicts but as ‘competent women’. Women for Sobriety believes that women are more predisposed to low self-esteem and negative thinking. Meetings focus on improving self-esteem and reclaiming control over addiction.

Instead of following a 12-step model, WFS created the thirteen affirmations. These affirmations represent levels of growth in overcoming addiction. Research shows that Women for Sobriety is just as effective as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Rational Recovery

Rational recovery is an addiction support group that was founded as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous. Unlike most addiction support groups, Rational Recovery does not hold in-person meetings. Courses, lectures, and reading materials are all available online for a small fee. Rational recovery does not recognize addiction as a disease but a voluntary behavior.

To combat these voluntary behaviors, Rational Recovery founded the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique, or AVRT. AVRT develops a person’s ability to recognize their “addictive voice”. In recognizing this voice, they can then reject it and remain sober.


LifeRing is a secular organization for sobriety that believes people have the power to overcome addiction. LifeRing denies the effectiveness of the 12-step method and the idea of a Higher Power. Instead, LifeRing supports the idea that people have a “sober self” and an “addict self”. The goal of LifeRing is to strengthen the sober self, thereby weakening the addict self.

Members of LifeRing are taught to focus on their current life and not their life of the past. This group offers in-person and online meetings where stories of addiction and struggle are shared.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a secular support group that focuses on group activities and physical exercise to combat addiction. The group treats addiction and recovery by providing a community of health and healing. Members channel the pain of addiction into group exercise and personal connections are formed.

The goal of the Phoenix is to foster a sober active community. Classes offered include boxing, biking, dancing, and book clubs, among many others. Classes are offered in-person or online and membership is free.


Secular Organizations for Sobriety, also known as Save Ourselves, is a great resource for finding secular support groups. This nonprofit network allows people to search for secular groups in their area. If there are no groups in your area, online support meetings are also available through their website.  

We’re Here For You

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