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What is the Most Effective Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

The most effective treatment for alcohol use is a program that includes detox, therapies, learning new coping skills, group settings, and aftercare plans. Understanding Alcohol Dependence and Use Disorder (AUD) Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder is the first step to finding the most effective treatment for alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence, officially referred to as Alcohol Use … Read more

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What is Considered Long Term Use of Adderall

3 years of continual use is considered long-term for the ADHD medication Adderall. The longer it is used, the higher the risk of dependence and health issues. What is ADHD? ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is one of the nation’s most commonly-diagnosed mental health issues in children. It is often diagnosed in childhood and … Read more

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How Long Does it Take a Person to Overcome Their Addiction?

Depending on someone’s personal struggles, mental health, and other risk factors, overcoming an addiction takes a different amount of time for each person. What is Addiction? Addiction is a chronic disorder that is generally characterized by compulsive drinking or drug use, even despite the occurrence of negative consequences and sometimes even personal danger. It is … Read more

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How Are Stress and Relapse Connected?

Stress and relapsing from addiction recovery are closely connected because without strong mental health and proper self-care, our decision-making is impaired. What is a Relapse in Addiction Recovery? The road to recovery from diseases like drug addiction or alcohol addiction is an ongoing process that will take a long time. One or more relapses are … Read more

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Finding Addiction Treatment with NY State Health Insurance

Established in 1957 for state employees, the New York State Health Insurance Program has been extended to include municipality, local government, and school district employees. The New York State Department of Civil Service Employee Benefits Division administers the New York State Empire Plan insurance. What makes this plan unique, is that it is not distributed … Read more

Opioid Withdrawal and Dependence

What Causes Opioid Withdrawal and Dependence?

Dependence and withdrawal from opioids are due to the changes in brain chemistry habitual opiate use causes. Opiate dependence can lead to death if untreated. What Are Opioids? To best understand what causes opioid dependence and subsequent withdrawal, understanding opioids at their core is essential.  Opioids are a specific class of substance that is created … Read more

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How are Drugs Used as a Coping Mechanism?

Drugs are sometimes used as a coping mechanism to deal with mental illnesses, as well as to numb everyday stress. What Does Coping Mechanism Mean? A coping mechanism is something that helps a person to decrease tension or anxiety, through either a conscious or unconscious adjustment or adaptation. In other words, coping mechanisms are the … Read more

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Why Going to Rehab is Key in Overcoming Addiction

Going to rehab is key to overcoming addiction because it gives you the understanding of why addiction happened, as well as the tools to become and stay sober. Understanding Addiction Addiction is the result of developing a dependency on either drugs or alcohol and the behavior that frequently results. Those battling addiction will often isolate … Read more

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What Drug is Commonly Used to Treat Alcoholics?

The drugs most commonly used to treat alcohol abuse and addiction are Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Campral, and Acamprosate. These are not cures for alcoholism. However, they can help with the road to recovery. Signs of an Alcohol Use Disorder Many signs may indicate an alcohol use disorder, and the number of signs that are present in … Read more

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How Do You Stop Heavy Drinking?

There are many ways to stop heavy drinking. However, long-lasting results are best achieved through addiction treatment, followed by an aftercare plan. Heavy Drinking Vs. Alcohol Use Disorder The drinking levels defined by the NIAAA or the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, set clear guidelines that can be followed to identify if someone … Read more