What to Consider in Finding Dual Diagnosis Rehab in NYC

What Does a Dual Diagnosis Rehab in NYC Do?

Looking for dual diagnosis rehab in NYC or surrounding areas? NYC Addiction Resources has the information you need and the questions you should ask to make an informed decision. Selecting the right evidence based treatment for addiction for yourself or the one you love may be one of the most important decisions that you ever make. The primary mission of a dual diagnosis rehab in NYC is threefold. 

Breaking it Down

First, they need to properly diagnose any co-occurring conditions in the person with a substance use disorder. Some patients will arrive to treatment with a prior diagnosis. Even in the case of an existing diagnosis it is still the responsibility of the dual diagnosis rehab in NYC to determine if this diagnosis is accurate. They also need to see if there are any other previously undiagnosed conditions. The second task of the treatment center is to ensure that the patient gets the correct evidence based addiction care for the condition that they have. Accurate diagnosis is critical because it will determine the direction that their addiction treatment takes.

The 3 Primary Roles of a Dual Diagnosis Rehab in NYC

Bear these fundamentals in mind when you’re looking at any addiction rehab program. The questions you ask should branch off each of these roles. Ask the rehab program how they do each of these things. Any program worth it’s salt will be able to explain how it fulfills its mission and meets patients needs. Everything else like hot stone massage or yoga and meditation is secondary to these core objectives. 

  1. Accurate detection and diagnosis of co-occuring mental health condition. 
  2. Provide appropriate evidence based treatment for the condition in comfortable and supportive environment.
  3. Empower the patient to manage their own condition and continue to progress after they complete treatment. 

Evidence Based Treatment for Addiction

Scientific research informs evidence-based addiction treatment. This means they control for efficacy instead of wasting time with unproven therapies or methods. The third and final role of the dual diagnosis rehab in New York City is to equip the patient with everything they need. A patient discharging from treatment must be able to manage their own condition and continue to grow after treatment. There is no one-shot cure for addiction or most mental health disorders. but evidence-based treatment is highly effective and can transform a person’s life.

Learning to manage a substance use disorder and Co-occurring psychological issue is the secret to living a happy and productive life after treatment. So, in summary, the role of a dual diagnosis rehab in NYC is to identify both substance use disorders and mental health disorders, treat them effectively and empower the patient to a place where they can continue to heal and grow after they leave treatment.

The Elements of a Good Dual Diagnosis Rehab in NYC

Did you know that most patients don’t know they have a co-occurring disorder until it is diagnosed? Even someone who thinks that drugs or alcohol are their only issue will benefit from dual diagnosis care. But how do you know good dual diagnosis addiction treatment when you see it?  Here are the elements you should be looking for:

  1. Psychiatrist – You need a psychiatrist to diagnose co-occurring disorders and prescribe meds if necessary. 
  2. Credentials – A first rate addiction rehab will have Joint Commission accreditation and state licensing. 
  3. Individual Therapy – Expect one-on-one therapy at least once a week at a good dual diagnosis rehab in NYC.
  4. Flexibility – The addiction rehab in NYC should offer intensive outpatient, outpatient care and online therapy options. 
  5. Continuity – What happens after treatment? Look for a program with solid aftercare planning and an alumni department. 


Reach out to NYC Addiction Resources for advice. That’s where we fit into this equation, so make use of our services. Many of us are in recovery too. We understand the process to get first-class dual diagnosis rehab in NYC and surrounding areas. Let us make this process simpler for you. It’s what we do. We can verify insurance benefits here, free of charge and without obligation. That way you already know what your insurance can do for you when you consider a rehab option. 

You and your family deserve the best addiction treatment you can get. We can help you make the most of your insurance and resources to get what you need. Recovery is an inside job they say, but getting there takes a team. You aren’t alone, we have helped hundreds of people just like you. Contact NYC Addiction Resources today at (718) 208-4202. Addiction doesn’t sit still. Neither can we.