Top 5 Insights to Find Dual Diagnosis Rehab Near the NYC Area

Anyone who has been searching for rehab near the NYC area will have encountered the term ‘dual diagnosis’ somewhere along the way. But what does dual diagnosis mean and how do you know if this is something you or your loved one requires? In this article, NYC Addiction Resources breaks down everything you need to know. Read on for our top 5 insights to find dual diagnosis rehab near the NYC area. 

1.Understand What Dual Diagnosis Means

Our first key insight for finding dual diagnosis rehab near the NYC area is to understand what dual diagnosis drug treatment really is. A true dual diagnosis program will have a psychiatrist on staff. This is necessary if they are going to diagnose and treat a co-occurring disorder. That’s what dual diagnosis means! Also be aware that many, if not most patients don’t know they have a co-occurring disorder until diagnosis. Even someone who thinks that drugs or alcohol are their only issue will benefit from dual diagnosis care. 

2. Advocate for Yourself or Your Loved One 

The next thing to consider is that you need to be an advocate for yourself or your loved one. This means doing your research and due diligence. The fact you’re reading this article means you’re already on your way. Keep in mind what is most important here and trust your instincts. To find the right dual diagnosis rehab near the NYC area, you will need to take notes and listen to your intuition when you speak to facilities. You want to be polite but firm when asking questions. Recognize that you aren’t the expert here though, the people at the drug treatment program are. 

3. Insist on Accreditations 

A high-quality drug treatment rehab near the NYC area will have accreditations and licensing. Look for Joint Commission Accreditation and/or CARF accreditation. You should always choose a dual diagnosis program with one of those accreditations and state licensing. Anything less is unacceptable. If you run into a rehab that can’t show accreditations and state licensing, move on right away. Don’t even think about a program like that. 

4. Know Your Limits – Ask for Help

While you want to act as an advocate for yourself or your loved one, you should also accept your limits. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people you trust. Whether it’s help making arrangements to get to treatment or just moral support, it’s important not to burn the candle at both ends. Ask for the help you need from loved ones and from the rehab near the NYC area you’re speaking with.

Getting yourself or someone else into drug treatment is a lot to deal with. You don’t have to do it alone. Even if you think you have no support, you do. A good rehab will go the extra mile to help you deal with insurance companies, figure out transportation, and more. 

5. Keep an Open Mind and Know Your Resources

You should focus on what’s important, those things that the right dual diagnosis drug treatment program will have. At the same time, you should be aware of what your finances or insurance will allow you do to. Recognize that it may not be possible to get everything you want in a facility 10 miles from home. Even if it was, going to treatment a short cab ride away from places you drank or used and people you should avoid isn’t wise. Looking for a rehab near the NYC area doesn’t mean 5 blocks away. It means convenience enough that you don’t need to hop on a plane. 


Call NYC Addiction Resources for guidance. That’s what we are here for after all. Most of us are in long-term recovery ourselves. We get it and we understand what it takes to get excellent dual diagnosis rehab near the NYC area. We are happy to help make this process simpler for you.

We can verify insurance benefits here so you know what your options look like in advance. You and your loved one deserve the best drug treatment experience you can get. Let us help you make the most of your insurance and resources to get the kind of care you need, a helpful length of stay, and serious aftercare support. Recovery is deeply personal, but getting there is often a team effort, so don’t feel like you need to go it alone. Contact NYC Addiction Resources today.